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Who We Are

BoLS Interactive likes to play. We are a leading internet publisher and marketing services company specializing in the tabletop gaming & roleplaying game industry. We are one of the largest internet publishers in the world; ranked among the top 1500 in the United States, with over 1,700,000 unique monthly readers. Our properties cover the world of physical, face-to-face gaming including board games, role-playing games, and miniature wargames. Our loyal readership is comprised of dedicated RPG, tabletop game and miniatures enthusiasts.

What We Do

We aim to entertain and inform our readers every day by delivering coverage of popular tabletop product lines and the gaming community. BoLS engages the community through 24/7 news and editorials, live streaming games, authoritative wikis, community forums, role-playing tools, manufacturer newswires, plus game and hobby reviews. We additionally offer a wide range of marketing services to companies within the industry to increase their reach and B2C communications.