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The BoLS Network is a top 1500 internet publisher in the United States with over 1,900,000 unique monthly readers. Our family of website’s loyal readership is dedicated to tabletop gaming, role-playing, and hobby and miniatures enthusiasts. BoLS engages the community through authoritative wikis, community forums, manufacturer newswires, breaking news, editorials, game playing guides, and hobby instructions. Let’s take a tour:

Bell of Lost Souls
Bell of Lost Souls is the leading tabletop gaming news and enthusiast website. Our nonstop 365 coverage of the tabletop games industry covers Games Workshop, Privateer Press, Wizards of the Coast, Fantasy Flight Games, Paizo, Kickstarter, and other boardgame, RPG, and tabletop product lines and the gaming community itself.

Our coverage combines breaking news, community rumors, opinionated editorials, and gameplaying guides, miniatures galleries, and coverage of the modeling, painting, and photography side of the growing tabletop gaming hobby. No matter what you play, get your daily dose of tabletop games and news at Bell of Lost Souls.

The community Created Wargames Encyclopedia. Lexicanum is a BoLS Interactive LLC wiki website dedicated to the curation of the most complete encyclopedia of the various universes of the tabletop gaming industry. It is currently focussing on cataloging Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Age of Sigmar/Fantasy and Warmachine/Hordes, with many more to follow.

Lexicanum uses MediaWiki-technology as a tool for co-operation between authors. All its multi-language wikis allow each community user to alter the content. Lexicanum is an authoritative resource with administrators fanatically devoted to accuracy and attribution of each and every piece of information on the website. The website is now over ten years old and has been visited over 800 million times, making it the most reliable online source of information on its tabletop subjects.


D&D Wiki
The community Created Dungeons & Dragons Encyclopedia. D&D Wiki is dedicated to the curation of the most complete encyclopedia of the 40-year history and universe of the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game. The wiki website is currently focussing on cataloging three major topics: the official history and subject matter of the Dungeons & Dragons universe, the manufacturer released System Reference Documents (SRDs) allowing players to access rules online, and a thriving homebrew rules section of community-created and vetted additions to the game.

D&D Wiki uses MediaWiki-technology as a tool for co-operation between authors, with an everlasting goal of adding new information and material for the community. D&D Wiki is an exhaustive resource with administrators fanatically devoted to organizing and expanding the wiki’s contents. The website is now over six years old and has been visited tens of millions of times, making it one of the most reliable online source of information on all things Dungeons & Dragons.

Hypertext d20 SRD
Welcome to a world of adventure and a hub of the d20 Role-Playing Game Community. For over 10 years, the Hypertext d20SRD has been home to the most easily accessible hand organized, and curated version of the d20 Open Gaming License rules online.

Always available and lightning-fast, with both the rules themselves and an ever-growing set of robust gamemaster tools, the Hypertext d20SRD is home to hundreds of thousands of RPG players. The website is used as a rules reference, a play-aid during RPG sessions, and by tens of thousands of d20 gamemasters to help design their campaigns. So grab your sword, bow, staff, and dice – adventure awaits!


BoLS GameWire
Get your tabletop news straight from the horse’s mouth. The BoLS Gamewire is a manufacturer focused tabletop and miniatures newswire. It is designed to get breaking manufacturer news directly to the wargaming public. The Gamewire is a viral news syndication platform that allows manufacturers to reach hundreds of thousands of real-world readers across a network of tabletop gaming and miniatures websites at the touch of a button – all for free.

The BoLS Gamewire has over 250 manufacturers who use the website to publish their press releases and news directly to the tabletop gaming community. Everything that appears on the BoLS Gamewire also appears across the entire BoLS network, social media channels, and affiliated blog member’s websites. Sign your company up today.