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About Us

Our team represents years of experience in the industry and a deep love for games and geek culture. It shows in everything we create – we look forward to working with you!

Larry Vela started BoLS Interactive in 2006. He’s a tabletop gaming enthusiast, a Warhammer fan that’s been playing since Rogue Trader, and an internet publisher dedicated to entertaining and informing his readers every day. Before BoLS he was a software development director for over twelve years.

Mars Garrett is the BoLS marketing manager and resident pop culture writer. She loves showcasing innovative products and has over a decade of experience in the tabletop gaming industry in retail, publishing, marketing, and community management.

Adam Harrison is our associate editor at BoLS, and he writes about Games Workshop games. He has more than eleven years of experience in Fortune 500 sales, internet publishing, and video production; and extensive knowledge of tabletop gaming.

Matt Sall is our video content lead and covers board game news, history, and design (he has created several of his own, in fact). He’s a lifelong fan and collector of board games, Magic: The Gathering, D&D, and video games.

Abe Apfel is our lead data analyst, as well as a writer that specializes in miniature wargaming, the Warhammer universe, and all things Star Wars. He has been playing tabletop wargames for more than 20 years. Before working at BoLS he owned a tabletop games store.

J.R. Zambrano manages the RPG beat and is BoLS’ resident D&D historian. He’s been a game master¬†and RPG enthusiast for over 20 years. He’s a writer, improv performer, and published adventure designer.

Meaghan Colleran is a writer that covers RPGs from big titles like D&D to the smallest indies and all of the accouterment you need to play. She’s a huge Star Wars and anime fan, as well as an accomplished cosplayer.

Jennifer Lynn Larson covers the world of cosplay – everything from fantasy, comic books, to sci-fi and historical. She is a lifelong enthusiast of retro video games, Dungeons & Dragons, tabletop games, and archery.


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